New album Robert Mareković “robert.mareković@fantomi-swingers.hr”

The single IZA ZATVORENIH VRATA announces the arrival of a new album by Robert Mareković “robert.mareković@fantomi-swingers.hr.”.

It is the first album that summarizes the work of Robert Mareković.

In other words, this album brings us the songs Robert Mareković had himself composed, written and co-written as a lyricist.

The album brings us fifteen tracks and features songs such as SLOMIT ĆU TI SRCE, BIJELI CADILLAC, LJUBI LJUBI ME, MARTINA… from the period Robert Mareković spent in the band Fantomi during the early nineties. His solo career is represented with the song LJUBI ME POLAKO and also featured are the recordings made after 2000, recorded with his current band the Swingers.

The Swingers opus is represented with the new versions of songs SRETAN ROĐENDAN, PIVO KONJAK ŠTOK, SRETAN BOŽIĆ SVAKOME…, but also with the new compositions such as MERCEDES CRNI KABRIOLET and IZA ZATVORENIH VRATA.

This collection delivers a range of songs dating from the year 1990 up to 2011, accompanied by the distinguished guests such as the esteemed arranger and producer Ante Gelo, Vlatka Pokos and Soul Fingers, while the producing part was done by the well known Nikša Bratoš, Duško Mandić and even Mareković himself.

The album ” robert.mareković@fantomi-swingers.hr ” encompasses twist, rock and roll, rockabilly, cha-cha…, rhythms Robert grew up with listening to Elvis, Dean Martin, Louis Prima…

Commenting on the collection Mareković wrote on the back cover of the album: “This author’s collection has been developing for the past twenty years and is the sum of my memories, my downfalls, my delights, emotions, virtues and flaws. For me, sharing these thoughts with You was quite intimate, even brave, so I hope you will enjoy this little music memoir. ”

Promotion of the album “robert.mareković@fantomi-swingers.hr.” will be held in the PEPERMINT club in Zagreb, Ilica 24, on 26th of October 2011, with the Swingers playing live.