Fantomi are a rock band from Zagreb founded in 1988.

They released one single, “Beba bebica”/”Da, da, da” (“Baby baby” / “Yes, yes, yes”) (1989), three studio albums Veliki odmor (Big Break) (1990), Sretan rođendan (Happy Birthday) (1992) and Planet majmuna (Planet of the Apes) (1993), and under the name of Robert & Fantomi – Greatest Hits (1996) and Iza zatvorenih vrata (Behind Closed Doors) (1998). After they released the album Planet majmuna (Planet of the Apes), 1994 Fantomi stop working, and of former members they established ensembles Robert and Fantomi and Fantomi II, but neither one is not longer maintained on the music scene.

In the five years of its activity band Fantomi have imposed their music style, which consisted of pop music resting on rock fifties performer. Arrangements and texts were adjusted to the audience from seven to seventy-seven years.

Band history

After the band Voodoo Cats broke up , Fantomi was founded in Zagreb in 1988 by Krešimir Mišak (guitar), Danko Stefanović (bass) and Robert Mareković (vocals), and shortly thereafter joined by Bruno Perović (drums) and Bruno Gracin (guitar). In this place they have been performing at clubs in Zagreb, where in one of them they met Željko Tatunović, which becomes their manager. This cooperation achieved the publication of their first single “Baby baby” / “Yes, yes, yes”, which in 1989 published by record label Jugoton. The single was a great announcement of upcoming studio album. Their first album released in 1990 under the name Great holiday. The album is presented in a cute pop style with simple singing and catchy songs, most of which were adapted and intended for younger rock audience. Very fast becoming a popular band that can often be seen in the media, but there is disagreement among the members and is initiate court dispute about name of the band – Fantomi. The dispute ends with out of court agreement but the band leaves drummer Bruno Perović, and the rest of the band continue to operate under its old name, Fantomi. Perović briefly formed the band under the name of New Ghosts, in which was singing Sandi Cenov, so that in this period perform two groups that have gained popularity by name Fantomi. During the war in 1991, Fantomi act with other Croatian musicians in charity events, maintaining a large number of charity concerts. In the spring of 1992 they released their next studio album Happy Birthday which featured Christmas songs processing Shakin ‘Stevens. After the album was released holding a series of concerts, and only in the first half of 1993 performed more than 160 times. The same year also published their third album Planet of the Apes. For the song “Irene, good night” are recorded video clip, which was well received by the audience. They appear to Zagrebfest ’93., where the together with Vlatko Pokos performed the song “Love, love me”.

Robert & Fantomi

In 1998, under the name of Robert & Fantomi, released the album Behind closed doors. Lineup consisted of Robert Marekovic (vocals), Sasa Sokolovski (drums), Drazen Vuksan (bass guitar), Darko Matko (guitar) and Dragoljub Zecevic (keyboards, accordion). The album contains ten tracks, of which a very important treatment of old hits in the two versions of “Apples and cherries”, which will feature the legendary Ivo Robic. Among other authors, the tracks signed by Alka Vuica, Boris Gardiner, Zlatko Arslanagić and Davor Viduka. The material was during March and April 1998, recorded and mixed in the studio Dancing Bear, by the producer Hrvoje Hegedušić and Dusko Mandic.


1990. – Veliki odmor (Jugoton)
1992. – Sretan rođendan (Croatia Records)
1993. – Planet majmuna (Orfej)
1998. – Iza zatvorenih vrata – Robert & Fantomi (Croatia Records)

1989. – “Beba bebica”/”Da, da da” (samostalno izdanje)