Swingers @ Mr.Q


Swingers @ Mr.Q (Events)

14/03/2015 - 14/03/2015

12:00am –

Klub Mr.Q – ex Balabushka, Zagreb


Another musical fairy tale for this weekend, will take on the form of superior musical happening with the smell of the spectacle 🙂 They’re doing a premiere, and eagerly expect their players this Saturday. It is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to host the maestro team successor of the legendary “Fantomi” with the current action of the said order Big Band “Swingers”! Led by the charismatic Robert Mareković, a guarantee for the production of an unforgettable musical experience, which will take us through the mass epoch golden years of rock n roll, swing, twist, jive …. Such spiritualized musical time machine, performed by the boy, that are relevant and indispensable giants shiny part, our national, and especially the musical culture and its history, I believe that you will not want to miss not for the life 🙂 So team, if you close your eyes a little and look back thinking of names overgrown with legends, such as the terms of Elvis, Sinatra, Dean Martin …. or cultural music, rather than movements directions … twist, swing, golden rock, rockabilly … the best you will evoke the atmosphere and spirit of what awaits you this Saturday at our club. For such a story at your disposal all musical abilities wrapped respectable dedication, our guests of Saturday, a group of interesting names 🙂 Swingers! Such that … hehe … hoho haha ​​..not be shy and swing with us this Saturday .. you’ll love it, and it is not difficult 🙂 Enjoy!