Inspired by the American swing revival, the Swingers group was founded in 1999.
The first performance was held in Zagreb’s “Factory” in November of the same year.
Soon the repertoire of the group became a mix of music of the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s, from swing, R & B, rockabilly, rock and twist to calypso and mambo.
The first of six studio albums appeared in 2001 under the title “Let’s dance with the Swingers.”
The most famous album is “The Melody Haunts – tribute to Ivo Robic” that also won musical award Porin in the category “Best pop music album”, and the two biggest hits are “Apples and cherries” and “Tell me you love me (Mucho, mucho, mucho ).
Their discography opened a path to collaboration with the biggest names of the Croatian musical scene; Ivo Robic, Oliver, Massimo, Tedi, the Husar sisters, Nina Badric, E.N.I., Marko Tolja, Ivana Kindl, Gabi Novak, Zdenka Kovacicek, Maja Posavec, Sajeta, Rivers…, as well as with foreign performers, Montefiori Cocktail (Italy) and Freddie J. Cooper (USA).
The last album was a Christmas one called “Christmas Extravaganza”, which was followed by a big concert held in the hall “Lisinski”.
Over the years the Swingers have performed in as many as eight countries (Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia), and are particularly proud of a 15 year long tradition of performing in the prestigious Munich’s Bayerischer Hof, performance with the group Gipsy Kings in Slovakia and presentation of the Croatian Radio at the European Championship 2008 in football, in Geneva.
Although the Swingers presented themselves to the world as a cover band performing mainly originals of their idols, slowly but steadily the band has been recording original songs published as singles.
Singles have generally been accompanied by videos and to date the Swingers have recorded as many as 17 videos!

And yes, do not be afraid, the Swingers are not stopping here …


 Robert Mareković – vocal
Andrej Henigman – saxophone
Dinko Stipanićev – saxophone
Davor Dropuljić -trumpet
Vlado Janušić – trombone
Srđan Basarić – guitar
Dražen Vuksan – bass
Dragoljub Zečević – piano
Tihomir Vondra – drums